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Robert Frederick Chelsea Bobby Moore

Moore in 1966
  • Born: 12th April 1941, Barking
  • Manager from June 1984 to April 1986
Undeniably, Bobby Moore was one of the greatest footballers of all-time and probably the finest defender in the world. He spent most of his career at West Ham United (whose website has a page devoted to the great man) and on 30th July 1966 he etched his name in to English football history forever as the man who captained England to their first, and so far only, World Cup Final having set up the first and third goals for Geoff Hurst.

In case you don't know, we won 4-2 (after extra time) with some people encroaching on the pitch towards the end.

Moore finished playing football at the age of 36 and was desperate to stay in football. His impressive CV led to only a few offers and he started his managerial career with Harry Redknapp at non-League Oxford City in 1979, staying there for two years.

England did not seem keen on Moore so he went to Hong Kong in 1983 to coach Eastern Athletic. It was on his return from Hong Kong that his connection with Southend United began. Moore's fame could only boost expectations when he joined the club as manager in June 1984.

Moore was unfortunately frustrated at having to work with players so different from those he had known in his glory days and his poor communication skills opened up a gulf between himself and the squad.

To be fair, he could not have arrived at a worse time. The club was in turmoil as the Anton Johnson saga continued in the boardroom and his first season in charge saw the club relegated. Moore resigned, with two years of his contract still to run, three games from the end of the 1985 / 86 season which Southend finished in 20th position in the Fourth Division.

Moore moved on to promotions and reporting work for the new Sunday Sport newspaper but remained as a board member at the club and was club president right up until his untimely death from cancer in 1993 at the age of 51.

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